Burn and Void

by The Glass Cavalry

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released July 6, 2013



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The Glass Cavalry St Louis, Missouri

Tight lyrics. Eclectic, mellifluous textures. Lead riffs. Synth-oscillating grooves flowing to headbanging, palm-muted rhythm guitars you can dance to. As a band they're ready to fit bills for indie, alternative, or hard rock audiences on any stage.

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Track Name: Flood and Cure
Now let's begin you know your terms and I know mine, and we both knew this would come to pass one day for you my friend the void, and I the burn.
Track Name: Black Disaster
I like playin' on the tracks where the trains don't run no more and the sun goes faster. The seasons come quick but they don't stay still and it feels like, pulls like black disaster. I like the air when it has its own memory hides when you breathe and considers you a threat. Times like this you'd be better off dreaming or sitting by yourself playing russian roulette.

Crawl in my fields where we throw me away/Oh don't you say you've seen me here and you recall. Fly me my friend on this wind fade away/I'm telling you peace won't come, and the rest will fade away.

I know this dream fresh in my theme. Break me apart just for a start.

Rip me from the vine. R.I.P. and it's just in time, I doubt that. Play me for the fool. Second guess like games, like let's go faster. Kiss and tell the world what kind of girl knows how to heal while bleeding. Out there in the dark it's seeming a heart's not ugly if it's hard to get.
Track Name: Broken Needle
This pace you've set, white knuckle bliss. Sights fixed, speakers scream. Light you up, breathe you in.

You're my fix (darlin'), just need a fix (honey), you're my fix (sugar), just need a fix.

Oh, I'm a broken needle. Oh, who needs a broken needle? Oh, I'm a broken needle. Oh, no one needs a broken needle.

Lead foot, dry mouth, blood shot eyes. Your words on the tip of my tongue. Hope you buckle up.
Track Name: Crowd Control
Send in the midnight men the night is done pouring in. Hide in the cover of cloud and make all your mothers proud. Bathe in this light, hide in this cold. Love is a silent thing out here where our blood will sing.

Hold your positions lock and load. The fire in the chambers makes the fires in you bold. Crawl through mud, sweep the beach, do your best to hold your breath till the walls we reach.

Time for a little crowd control.

Cry through heaven, laugh through hell. The angels and the demons that you used to fear they're not here but they wish you well. Keep your eyes on that horizon prayers deep in the sand 'cuz if they hear your heart beating they'll be much too fast and that'll be the last place you stand.

Time for oh...

Send in the midnight men the night is done pouring in. Hide in the cover of cloud and make all your mothers proud. Bathe in this light, hide in this cold. Love is a silent thing out here where our blood will sing.
Track Name: Nowhere Near the End
Hidden deep in your soul inside a dream freeze frame and the moment's gone it seems. Cry out for the truth in a harder tone, cast out from the life we called our own. Against the hate of the law we'll die to bend the fight is on but we're nowhere near the end.

Break free the sunrise breeds the day. Cuts scar we know just who to blame. We are gathered in spite of the fear you preach the mob floods into your darkened streets.

Send a signal to friends who made this creed. Hear my call now and follow my lead we're putting things back the way they used to be. Fear doesn't matter we still breathe and keep our hope. I say we pave the roads we roam.

A far cry from times we've come to know the upper hand is yours still you should know the earth is shaking the light is bleeding through. These threats are promises of what we'll do.
Track Name: Detective Techno
Techno to Calypso party's going down tomorrow, brought my dancing shoes this time, and I meet disco at dawn. But can I trust a man I've never met? This project is precious, and I have never had so little time to prepare what I must do. Still I trust you as I always have my love, over and out.

Calypso to Techno stay on the floor. It's too late for paranoia, too late to fail. Let disco run the whole show he's an asset, not a threat. I promise you'll be in one piece tonight to dance with me for real. Your exit routes have been planned out, and the package is in place. So trust me, everything is fine.

Abort, abort! I thought you said this line was clear, there must have been a mole. Cause we got ambushed without warning, seems they knew we were coming. Now disco is dead, I think I know who blew our cover. The mission is compromised, my one option is to run. I'm sorry I won't dance with you tonight, I have been found out.
Track Name: Scalliwag
Well the sails have lost their hold and the rain is very cold, the captain's lost his nerve and gone below. We're losing numbers fast as comrades climb the mast, the crows nest is a place of much ambition. They swan dive to their death to join the thunder to be swallowed by the sea's eternal hunger.

Soon it's very clear that I'm left alone to steer, but the clouds have blocked the stars that guide my way. Now there's nothing left to do 'cuz the chain is rusted through. It won't be long before i join my brothers who swan dived to their death to join the thunder. To be swallowed by the sea's eternal hunger.

Now here is my captain who somehow braved the storm. A fighter he is my savior and I trust his mighty form. I know he'll save me form this darkness sail this vessel through the fear. He wraps a bloody arm around me and he whispers in my ear...

"Mate you hush your voice, it's time to make a choice. I will not let you live to slow me down. You see I poisoned my own crew killed all except for you, but if you're brave I have a proposition. You could join them if you like, but with me you'll see the sight of the island where the angels go to play"

What kind of things will I hear when I can see the island that my brothers died to show me? And what kinds of music will the angles play for me I wonder as the captain drinks with me.
Track Name: Woods Don't Thin
He is taking his time, he is dragging it out, he his holding his tongue to dampen the drought. He is stepping with precision, he is slipping his mind, he trips and falls but he's not that kind. Kick the door, break the window, shattered hearts in the glass. Shadows grow as the sun sets deep in the grass. All he wants is the pages from the book of his life the cover's torn, but the spine's held together with spite running hard from the roads that have gathered to chase. His only solace is believing he can pick his own pace.

Reality's illusion is breaking the fall, but if these woods don't thin I don't think I can make it at all.

The fire in his soul soon burns through his chest. The worst is that he wonders if it's all for the best and as the walls begin to warm they are closing in fast. Contracting and subtracting from a moment surpassed, Escaping from emotions that had fed him a thrill he'll find this broken compass at the crest of the hill.

Reality's illusion is breaking the fall, but if these woods don't thin I don't think I can make it all. And with a sky so empty and a ground so full I've been riding this river down, but it's taking its toll.
Track Name: The Tide
Cast down the words all you know quilting us a square in time. Teaching as you learn, brightly as you fade leaning on your footprints in the sand.

But you know their form will wash away and we'll be left with memories and the tide.

Na na na...

Scream out my anger and my sins assigning blame for grudges I collect. Delaying for revenge, pridefully in vain living by a line drawn in the sand.

But you know their form will wash away and they'll be left with memories and the tide.

Na na na...
Track Name: Hollywood
I hear voices creepin up on me from places that don't exist, yeah but that ain't demons on the hunt for me that's just the whim of a man with great kicks great kicks. No I'd never heard a sound like that it never even cost me a dime. Singin' with the prince, think he's droppin hints that tonight is gonna be a good time.

Been tellin' your stories every night and it goes to show we're gonna go down swinging, but till then we're gonna take it slow.

And when we feel the spaces left behind will never fill we'll just play your song sit back rock out, yeah you know we will, you know we will.

Hollywood you got me bad.

Now who do we put our trust in tonight? And where do we look for courage to fight? I see life, love, loss, and a world of doubt. Everybody's dyin' for another way out way out. Hear me now, there's more ahead than we have in our dreams, so raise your head up out of your hands 'cause nothing's as bad as it seems.